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tanelorn.city is named after the frequently sought but rarely found city of peace in the science fantasy novels of Michael Moorcock. Many aspects of the Eternal Champion and their companions have found refuge there, if only for a little while.

It’s my hope that this will become a peaceful public Gemini host and Unix server for all writers regardless of experience or skill level, one worthy of its namesake.

For more information, open the link below.

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Seek Refuge in Tanelorn

If you want an account, please email the admin after reading the tanelorn.city rules below. When requesting an account, please provide your preferred account name, a SSH public key, and indicate whether you’d like to be listed on the front page.

Code of Conduct

When you’re ready, please email contact at matthewgraybosch dot com with a subject line like “tanelorn.city signup”.

New to Tanelorn?

Your account should have the following guide as a default front page. Otherwise, you might find it a useful guide to creating Gemini pages elsewhere.

Welcome to Tanelorn: a Guide

Current Residents

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comrade vidak

Tanelorn Public Library

As a service to the residents of Tanelorn and to the wider Gemini space, tanelorn.city will provide a library of selected public-domain texts from Project Gutenberg.

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