Tanelorn Code of Conduct

This is placeholder document and subject to change as I get input from more experienced pubnix admins.

Rule 1

Don’t be a jerk. We’re all here to have fun and be creative. Don’t be the person who ruins the experience for everybody else.

Rule 2

Don’t do anything or post anything that would bring unwanted attention from:

tanelorn.city is hosted in Amsterdam and operated by a US citizen, so the laws of both countries can be expected to apply. The laws of your own country apply to you.

Further Details

For further details, refer to the tilde.team Code of Conduct.

tilde.team Code of Conduct

Reporting Problems

If you’re a tanelorn.city resident and you want to report a problem, please email matthew. If you’re a visitor, please email contact@matthewgraybosch.com.