about tanelorn.city

It started when marionline on the fediverse asked me:

Is there a gemini-server I could join that’s for writing (and located in the EU)?

I didn’t know of one. But since I was bored I decided to hit Namecheap and see what domains were available. The first domain I searched was “tokimeki-literature.club”. It was available, but I decided against registering it because it sounds like a shōjo manga title—not that I have any business throwing shade on shōjo manga when I’ve got a cardboard box full of secondhand Viz translations of CLAMP’s X/1999 in my attic (it’s next to the box where I keep my copies of Berserk, Bastard!!!, and Golgo-13).

I wasn’t sure what sort of tone I’d be setting with a domain name that translates to “heartbeat/anticipation literature club”. Also, it’s a bit longer than I’d like. So I looked for something shorter. And it occurred to me that since I’m mainly a science fantasy writer, I should look for a domain name with a similar motif. So I punched “tanelorn” into Namecheap’s domain search field, and one of the available domains was “tanelorn.city”.

Since Tanelorn is the “city of peace”, a refuge for weary heroes, in Michael Moorcock’s fiction I decided to go with it.

…to its peaceful streets come the gaunt, the savage, the brutalized, the tormented. In Tanelorn they find rest.

~Michael Moorcock

Tanelorn, situated in every world and time, but almost impossible to find in any. Called by some “the city of eternal rest”, it serves neither Chaos nor Law, but the equilibrium between the two.

~Michael Moorcock

Given that I tend to take the neutral route when playing Shin Megami Tensei so I can tell both Chaos and Law to fuck off, and the influence Moorcock has had on my own writing and thinking, I think “tanelorn.city” is a better fit for my new public Gemini site.

That’s right. It’s public. That means that if you want an account, you need only ask for one. I’m not charging anything at the moment because it’s running on a tiny FreeBSD VPS hosted by Vultr in Amsterdam that’s already paid for. If I do start charging or requesting donations, anybody who requested an account before I start asking for money will be exempt.

Who is tanelorn.city for? It’s for people who want to write and have a place to share their writing that’s on the internet but not the World Wide Web.

Almost all are welcome. If you’d like an account, send email to contact@matthewgraybosch.com with your preferred handle and a little bit about why you’d like an account.

I will only discriminate on the basis of ideology: if you’re a white supremacist, a white nationalist, a trans-exclusive radical feminist (TERF), a fascist, a neo-Nazi, an adherent of the alt-right, or any other sort of authoritarian then you will find the gates of Tanelorn closed to you.